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7 Details to concentrate on while painting

Professional Painters Auckland wide realise the importance of training and experience when it comes to quality. However, most companies fall through when it comes to standardised systems that are required to carry out the job in an efficient manner. It is about achieving the exact same results no matter what kind of house they are painting.

We believe that getting a paint job is not only about providing a high-quality paint job. We are also focused on ensuring that our customers have to deal with as less hassle as possible during and after the service. Our painters in Auckland have been trained to pay attention to details beyond just covering the required walls with paint.

When we say details, we don’t just mean choosing good-quality paint and tools. We actually focus on how much you love your home and belongings. One of the biggest concerns customers have is about protecting certain surfaces, furniture, and areas that should not be covered in any kind of paint at all. We at Superior Painters, ensure that paint is only applied where it should be and all other areas stay clean.

For this purpose, we take care of the following details:

1.      Floor Protection

Floor protection is not just needed in the room being painted. When we begin the process, it requires a lot of walking in and out of the house. This could carry paint footprints all over the place. This is why we cover every possible floor surface including carpets with drop cloths.

2.      Inspection

Before the painting begins, our painters are required follow a pre-painting checklist which helps determine any prior cracks on walls, peeling paint or damage so we can get the full picture on what has to be done. This helps us determine the best course of action going forward. We keep our clients in the loop about any additional costs throughout our process. Our dedicated project manager carries out routine inspections throughout the painting process so that everything is done in a systemised manner.

3.      Covering the Hardware

While some of the home furniture can be removed from the room requiring the painting, some hardware is fixed. This could include appliances, doors, door knobs, light fixtures, electric outlets, and more. All such surfaces are bagged for protection before the painting begins.

4.      Dusting the Baseboards

No matter how clean you keep your home, it is inevitable to avoid the layer of dust that can collect on the top of the baseboards. This can disrupt the process of painting. Therefore, our painters Auckland wide are advised to clean it up before beginning the actual work.

5.      Repairing the Drywall

We want to give you the best painting service, therefore, we don’t paint over already damaged walls. Close attention is paid to drywall issues. We look for even the thinnest of cracks, dents, air gaps, separated caulk, and more.

6. Efficient Painting Service

Superior Painters provide Aucklanders with the highest standard of painting due to our long-term experience and unparalleled skill. Our painting methods are highly efficient and effective. We work with certain ethics and organization so the clean-up can be minimized.

7. Follow Up

After the painting job has been completed, we clean any flecks and patches left on varying surfaces. All protective coverings are removed carefully removed to make sure that no damage is incurred. The result is a clean and organized room that now features a refreshed look due to the new paint job.

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