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A classic dilemma: Professional painter or DIY?

Attention Aucklanders, considering painting your house? Read this first

With so many decisions that go into home improvement, it’s understandable when so many Aucklanders consider painting their houses themselves instead of hiring a professional painter. All you need to do is to grab a brush and go to work. It’s as simple as that …
or is it?

While it’s true that anyone can paint, there is a big difference between doing it well and doing it right. It’s not surprising that many of our customers had done the DIY method, but they all confess that after hiring a professional painter, they won’t ever go back. So what are some pros of hiring a pro? Here are my top 3 things to consider when choosing between hiring out and doing it yourself:

1. Preparing the surfaces

I’ll let you in on a little secret: sixty to seventy percent of a paint job is a prep work. From masking off the kitchen countertops to plastering every minor crack, a good professional painter never takes shortcuts with prep. Here at Superior Painters, we are putting a big emphasis on painting your Auckland home using true craftsmanship and proper techniques, so that your space could look its best. Our seasoned professionals will make sure to smooth every bump, fill every dent and clean all surfaces so that your space is set up for an impeccable paint job.

2. Using the right tools

I feel very strongly about this: do not ever underestimate the power of good tools. Using proper equipment is key to a high quality, professional looking finish. How do you know which ones to use? The perfect tools would leave the right amount of texture, wouldn’t
spray or fuzz and would be easy to clean. All of our professional painters are equipped with the state of the art brushes, rollers, and painter’s rods to ensure a flawless paint application. Pair it up with many years of experience and you’ll get pros who are literally nailing their job.

3. Mastering the painting techniques

Painting is an acquired skill. From holding the brush to cutting in and painting doors and windows, there are many intricates techniques that go into a flawless paint job. When loading your brush, you want just the right amount of paint on the brush so you could control the painting process without making drips or blobs. Between coats, you’ll want to double check your work and get rid of any minor imperfections or roller flecks before applying the next layer of paint. All of the above is a professional painters in North Shore's second nature and comes easily with many years of experience. That is why when you’re hiring Superior Painters, what you’re really getting is a peace of mind and a solid knowledge that you’re
putting your space into the hands of the pros.

If you’re torn between rolling up your sleeves and hiring a professional painter, I hope this blog post helps you make the right decision. After all, a sloppy job that’s not durable will require maintenance sooner than later, costing Aucklanders more in the long run. Weigh
your options based on the resources you have on hand. Happy renovating!

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