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Frequently asked questions about interior painting in Auckland

If you’re considering hiring professional interior painter in Auckland, you probably have quite a few questions to ask your painting company. How long does it take to paint a house? What should I do to prepare my house for paint? It’s important to know the answers to these questions as they will help you to choose the right painting company for you.

Here at Superior Painters, we want to make sure that you receive the best quality service as possible and feel comfortable asking any questions that may arise. Here are the common house painting questions you will likely want to ask before you hire a professional interior painting in Auckland.


1.   How long will my interior painting project take?

There are no two houses alike, and the painting process will vary from project to project. However, we do understand that you might want to know the start and finish dates so you could plan your life around it. That is why we will always be able to give an estimate of how long your Auckland house painting job will take and why. We will also assign a dedicated project manager who will hold your hand for every step of the way. They will also give you weekly updates on the status of your project. From our experience, we can comfortably say that the interior painting job usually takes anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the type and the scope of the work.


2.    What should I do to prepare my house for paint?

I’m so glad you asked! This is a great question because prepping is one of the key elements of a successful painting job. Before starting each project, we usually ask Aucklanders to store their delicate furniture and breakables away. This way, you’ll make sure that your beloved painting, a wall mirror, or a heritage vase stay undamaged and free of color spills. In return, we will move all furniture items and cover your belongings, floors, and windows with a clean drop cloth or a plastic sheet. Upon completion of the painting project, we will place your furniture back to where it was at the beginning of our job to make your experience stays stress-free and relaxed.


3.    How much will it cost?

In order to provide the best interior painting in Auckland, we will conduct an on-site visit to assess the projects’ scope to offer you a custom-made estimate. There are a lot of things that go into estimating the cost of a particular job. From the type and the size of the painting area to the height of your ceiling, and to the extent of the needed surface preparation, we will provide you with a thoughtfully calculated estimate and the price breakdown. We will also advise on the best paint type you need in order to achieve the desired look. Do not accept any quotes over the phone as painters cannot give you an accurate estimate without seeing your house first. What you get when hiring Superior Painters is the peace of mind knowing that you’re trusting your home to the best interior painting in Auckland.


4.  What other questions do you need to ask a painter before you hire one?

These are only the top three questions that we most often receive, and there are more. I bet you might have a question or two that is specific to your home painting needs. You can give us a call or fill out the contact form, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions about interior painting in Auckland.

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