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Useful tips for Roof Painting in Auckland

All you need to know about a roof paint

Roof painting is a great home improvement project as the roof is the ultimate protection of the house. While it serves as a shield from outdoor elements, it also has a significant visual impact and can determine your house’s overall look and feel. If you have decided that your roof needs a color fix, there are some things to keep in mind in order to achieve the professional roof painting results. If you curious about the average cost of painting a roof in New Zealand, check out this article here on roof painting cost nz - So, what are the most useful roof painting tips in Auckland?


1.   Hire a professional roof painting company

While roof painting might sound like a fun DIY project, there are many things that go into the job that meets the eye. Aside from obvious dangers, roof painting involves following certain safety procedures that cannot be overlooked. Thus, as tempting as the DIY project might be, we always recommend placing the roof painting process into the hands of professionals. Here at the Superior Painters, we have experience painting any roof surfaces and types and can guarantee flawless results in short turnaround times. Our roof painting expertise helps us to assess any roof painting job and provide long-lasting results so that your roof could look as good as new.


2.    Cleaning the surface

Roof painting in Auckland can vary slightly depending on the materials and the type of the roof. However, no matter what type of the roof you have, it has to be properly cleaned before you start applying the paint. Roofs that are not cleaned properly can later result in leakages that will damage the structure of your Auckland house. That is why, we will always do a walk around to inspect your roof for any debris, mold or mildew, and clean your roof using professional equipment. Cleaning requirements can vary from one roof to another, that is why we will use different tools depending on the project’s needs.


3.    Choosing the right paint

Make sure you get the right paint for your specific type of the roof material. There are tiled, metal, corrugated iron, and tray roofs, and they all require a certain type of paint. Thankfully, there are a few options when it comes to proof painting in Auckland and you will need to decide what will work for you. For example, water-based roofing paints would work the best on cement tiles and shingle roofs, while oil-based paints are best suited


for iron roofs. Keep in mind that not all paints are suitable for drinking water. Therefore, if you’re collecting rainwater from your roof, ask your store representative to make sure it’s safe. We always recommend Aucklanders to opt for a high-quality paint to achieve peel- free, long lasting results.


There are a lot of things that go into consideration before we start roof painting in Auckland. A seasoned professional will take all the necessary steps to prep and clean your roof as all these steps are necessary to create a long-lasting roof paint. Get in touch with us today if you have any roof painting questions and get a custom quote today!



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