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Why you need an experienced plaster

Sanding in a process of evening and removing debris from walls. Plastering is a lighter version of sanding which is done after the undercoat and first coat, it evens out the bumps on your wall, removes debris and cracks. Gib Stopping is the process of filling holes and cracks on walls. If not done correctly, you will not achieve a high quality smooth finish after the final coat of your paint. This essentially makes the whole paint job worthless if not done correctly. 

What you can expect from us
  • Premium Quality Products
  • Skilled and Trained Workers
  • Realistic Deadlines that we always honour.
  • We can work with all kind of Materials and Designs
  • Every Project has a Project Manager
  • 10 Year Product Guarantee
  • Free Consultation and Quote


Simply fill in the form to receive a free color consultation so you receive the best solution for your painting needs. The team will be in touch within 1 business working day to schedule in a time/day that fits you best, or call us directly on 0800 199 888.


At Superior Painters, we first sand your walls rigorously to remove dirt and cracks. We then apply the undercoat which is followed by plastering the walls to remove all debris. This also makes the wall smooth and ready for the first coat of paint. Once the under coat is dried, we apply the first coat of paint. We then plaster the wall lightly again. This step is essential as it makes sure that there are no uneven surfaces or marks on the wall before the final coat of paint. 

The final coat of paint is now ready to be applied. We often advice clients that when painting the interior of your home, it is important that the walls are not washed with water. This can be detrimental to a paint job as it can make the paint run especially if you are using a water based undercoat. Do not worry if your walls are dirty as all the debris is removed when the walls are sanded and plastered prior to painting them. 

Things to keep in Mind

Debris and Dirt on walls/ceilings

Do not wash your walls with water

The purpose of plastering the walls and ceiling is to get rid of debris and to even out the surfaces. Your walls and ceilings should not be washed with water prior to painting. 


Do you need an undercoat?

An undercoat is needed if your walls are bare as it is meant to protect your walls. If you already have old paint on your walls then an undercoat is not needed. If you do however have a water stain on your walls then you will have to use an oil based undercoat otherwise you can use a water based undercoat. 

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What kind of paint do you need?

Choose the right type of paint

You can either paint your home with water-based, Oil-based or acrylic paints. Water and Acrylic paints last for upto 5 years while Oil based paints last for upto 10 years. Oil based paints are more expensive but they do give you the highest quality finish. 

Health and Safety

Check with your painter

If you are using water based or acrylic paint then you can stay in the house while it is getting painted. However if you are using oil based paint for your interiors then you should not be in the home for atleast 7 days after the job is finished. 

Picture Perfect Guarantee



Our Picture Perfect guarantee is our promise to you that we will give you a ‘magazine worthy’ result after we have finished painting your home. We value quality above price. We are confident that we can and we will provide excellent results because we take the time to understand what you need. 

Our trained and certified professionals will make sure that your home looks like a picture from Home and Living. We have a straight forward process and are clear communicators and will love to have you with us every step of the way.


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What Others Are Saying

Based on 10 reviews
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Elaine Ren
Excellent job done by Superior Painters. The whole process is so efficient and fast. We are satisfied with the high quality job. Thank you Kevin!Definitely we will use you again. Highly recommend to my friends.
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Penelope K
It’s no surprise that we are thrilled with Superior Painters for the second time in two years. From first contact about a project through the finished product, everyone through our door has never been anything but professional, clean, friendly, and hard working. It’s one thing to have a project completed nicely, it’s another for the experience to be pleasant from start to finish, with an outstanding outcome. Our new home is absolutely beautiful. Painting was quick yet done to perfection. Painters finished the walls and ceiling flawlessly, cleaned, and helped move furniture back to its original positioning. We have no question about who to go to for future home projects, big or small. Thank you Michael and the team!!!read more
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Karen N
Have been using Superior Painters for just over a year now for my investment properties, and I've dealt with alot of service companies in the past, Superior Painters is undoubtedly one of the more professional & dependable companies I've dealt with, I have already been recommending them to my own clients, thank you Kevin and the team!
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
nn d
The team did a great job for the interior of my home, it hasn't been painted for 10 years and there were a lot repair work required, I'm amazed by the end result - made the home look brand new again. The team and Jimmy was very patient with me every step of the way and was also courteous with the family, because we were still living in the home at the time. Thank you so much for the help and will definitely use you guys agan, have already recommended you guys 🙂
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Yi Man
We had a full interior paint job done for one of our rental properties, I'm amazed with how efficient the team was during the whole process, and they were able to complete it on time prior to putting it back on the market for rent. I have already recommended Superior painter to friends and family, I have zero hesitation in using them again! Thank you Jimmy and Kevin for the great work! 🙂
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Swati Tiwary
Kevin was a brilliant project manager throughout. He really made an effort to understand our vision right from the beginning. He was always there when we needed to speak to him. His team and him really go above and beyond to make their customers happy. We will be using them for our other properties too!
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Dayoung Kim
I would like to recommend Superior Painters which provided cost-effective jobs and the manager kept overseeing my painting job. I got a detailed quote to fit my budget and they did the job according to my schedule. I really like their flexible and reliable work!
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Michael Tran
Kevin and his team did a excellent job painting my house, we will definitely use them again. I’ve recommended them to my family and friends.
google_avatar Plastering & Gib Stopping
Michael Tran
We would like to thank you for all the works that you have completed for us in a very professional and pleasant manner, we have only had good feedback from tenants and it has been a pleasure liaising with both yourself and Kevin about the works progress and completion.I look forward to working with you next year when we will have further properties in need of your attention
Next ReviewsyH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Plastering & Gib Stopping

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We are a company that is proud of all the services that we specialise in. We do not use a standard process to paint the different areas of your home. View all our services to see how we carry out different painting jobs.

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We are a company that is proud of all the services that we specialise in. We do not use a standard process to paint the different areas of your home. View all our services to see how we carry out different painting jobs.

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Plastering & Gib stopping

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Plastering and Gib Stopping is a critical step in the process of painting. If not done correctly by a skilled plasterer it can make the painting process worthless.

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Wood staining

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How we can help you

We are a company that is proud of all the services that we specialise in. We do not use a standard process to paint the different areas of your home. View all our services to see how we carry out different painting jobs.