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Tips on achieving premium exterior house painting results

Why does some five-year-old exterior house painting jobs peel and flake? While others that were painted back in the 1900's still look great? The answer is simple: quality exterior paint. When it’s properly applied, it lasts longer and looks flawless. A good quality exterior paint has an immediate visual impact, conveys the pride you take in your home and helps define its personality and character.

You might be tempted to get straight to the painting, however, if not done correctly, the exterior paint project might turn into a disaster.

So, what makes for a top-notch professional exterior house painting in Auckland?


1.   Choosing the right paint

Depending on the type of your house surface, you might want to avoid certain types of paints. Any coating that goes over brick, stone, or stucco has to allow water vapour to pass through it. If you have a brick or a stone house, consider avoiding oil-based finishes as they trap moisture and fail quickly. Choose acrylic, lime or mineral paints since these materials tend to make for the best exterior paint. Another thing we would highly recommend all Aucklanders is picking a paint that features UV protection. They are more expensive, but will last  longer in the long run!


2.    Prepping the exterior surfaces

One of the key elements that go into great quality exterior house painting is prepping the surfaces. Even the best paint can fail if it’s applied incorrectly. Here at the Superior Painters, we make sure that we properly prepare all the exterior surfaces before painting. It includes taking the time to do a walk around the house to evaluate the full scope of the project.

We’ll also make sure that all the cracks and holes are filled and fixed before starting the project. It is also a good idea to check if your  house walls feature any mold or mildew as they should also be removed for better paint application. Once there are no imperfections, we will clean the house using professional brushes and solution to make sure the walls are squeaky clean.


3.    Knowing when to paint

When it comes to exterior house painting in Auckland, it’s best to avoid summer as it’s never a good season to paint in. Rain and humidity may prevent the paint from adhering to the surface properly, while dampness or dew can bubble surfaces. Therefore, we also recommend starting your exterior painting projects in winter as you won’t have problems with humidity, which can happen in summer.

Naturally, we ask a lot from an exterior house paint job. It’s not only expected to give your home a new look but also to withstand a daily bombardment of UV radiation, blistering summers and tons of rain without cracking, flaking or peeling. As the leading painters in North Shore, we provide seasoned and well-trained professionals to guarantee long-lasting exterior house painting in Auckland. So that you won’t have to drag out the ladders again anytime soon.

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