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Interior-Painting-After-1000 Interior Painting Cost Calculator (NZ) Updated 2024 by Superior Painters ®

If you’re considering hiring a professional interior painter in Auckland, you’re most likely doing a bit of research before contacting a few companies – and hence you’re on this page now. When we attend on-site meetings, generally we get the same questions every time and I’ve listed the top 3 here:


How long will my interior painting project take?

There are no two houses alike, and the painting process will vary from project to project. However, we do understand that you might want to know the start and finish dates so you could plan your life around it. Particularly if you’re still living in the home, and you’re intending to get interior painting done – it does seem like it’s going to be a real inconvenience.

20190322-9783 Interior Painting Cost Calculator (NZ) Updated 2024 by Superior Painters ®

“From my experience, the most common issue with interior painting is gloss paint used on ceiling, which is highly not recommended. Any gloss range products will show all defects and imperfections when sunlight hits. Must use flat range paint products”

Michael Tran – Project Manager for Superior Painters

In most cases, after the on-site visit, the project manager is able to under the scope of the project and will be able to give you an idea of how long it would take. But do keep in mind that things can get a bit tricky for exterior painting (due to access to scaffolding, and being weather dependant). You’ll also be assigned a project manager that will be involved in the whole process, updates on the status of your project will be provided regularly to ensure you can plan things on your end. From our experience, we can comfortably say that the interior painting usually takes anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the type and the scope of the work.

room2-before-1000 Interior Painting Cost Calculator (NZ) Updated 2024 by Superior Painters ®
Before and After Painting
room2-after-1000 Interior Painting Cost Calculator (NZ) Updated 2024 by Superior Painters ®
Before and After Painting

What should I do to prepare my house for interior painting?

This is a great question because prepping is one of the key elements of a successful painting job. Before starting each project, we usually ask the homeowner to store their delicate furniture, fixtures/ornaments and breakables away. An option is also hiring a temporary storage unit to be placed on-site if a garage is not available. This way, you’ll make sure that your beloved painting, wall mirror, or a heritage vase stays undamaged and free of color spills. With that said, we will move all furniture items into the middle of the room and cover your belongings, floors, and windows with a clean drop cloth or a plastic sheet. Upon completion of the painting project, we will place your furniture back to where it was at the beginning of our job to make your experience stays stress-free and relaxed.

How much is it for interior house painting?

Not surprisingly this is the most common question actually hence why we’ve put this interior painting cost calculator together for everyone (for research purposes). But keep in mind that it is only to be used to give you an indication of what you can expect to pay based on averages – but the cost does vary from house to house.

For a fixed accurate quote, we will need to conduct an on-site visit to assess your property in detail and write up a scope of works based on your requirements – and then providing the best option based on our experience. There are a lot of things that go into estimating the cost of a particular job. From the type and the size of the painting area to the height of your ceiling, and to the extent of the needed surface preparation. There are also a lot of different types (not just colors) to choose from depending on what you’re trying to acheive and we will also advise on the best paint during the color consultation.

Did you know?

Did you know that high moisture or damp areas can be painted with anti mould paint products. Anti mould paint doesn’t prevent mould from occurring, but it does slow down the process of moulding and if you select Dulux wash and wear range products, it already has anti mould mixed in the paint, also easy to clean and wipe.

Tips and Advice


  • If you are allergic to VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are chemicals mixed in the paint, you can choice select paint range with low VOC
  • Better to use interior filler (Selley’Spakfilla Rapid) to repair small holes nail holes as its easier to sand and quick to dry
  • Make sure all gloss on window frames, door frames, doors are sanded off before applying  water based  primer (Adhesive Primer) as it will peel off.


A bit about the Interior House Painting Cost Calculator (NZ)

When looking at the price of painting the interior of a house especially in Auckland, it is important to understand what this price actually covers. Generally, when looking at the cost of interior painting, the factors you will see below are generally the main factors that determine the overall cost – but it definitely not limited to those factors and there is still a range within each factor based on each individual property.

This Interior Painting Cost Calculator is designed only for you to get an indication of what you can expect to invest based on the provided information. There are additional factors that could have an impact on the cost of the project such as the amount of preparation work, access (scaffolding), height, complexity etc.

Interior House Painting Cost Calculator (NZ)

Cost are calculated by averages just to give you an indication. Always seek professional advice and quotations from a project manager if you require an accurate estimate. Never use this calculator as a foundation for your allowances or finances – only for research purposes. Rates & material costs vary from region to region as well (outside of Auckland).


This is just to get a rough idea of the space that needs to be painted, doesn’t take into consideration the number of walls, include second level if applicable.
This will determine the amount of prep work required prior to painting
Dulux is our recommended choice
This is holes that require bogging or plastering prior to painting

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