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2018 Home Painting Trends for Auckland Homes

There is no escaping colour. It is powerful and influences every aspect of our life. Embrace it and bring it into your home to enhance your family’s lives.  Painting the house is often the first thing that comes to mind when homeowners want to make a series of home improvements that will give their home a fresh, new look.

Choosing the right colours can be a bit difficult, especially considering all of the colours that are available. For Auckland homeowners stuck on which colours to choose for their homes, this is a guide to the best home painting trends in Auckland in 2018.

  • All Black 

    Black has been in the picture for quite a while now, but colour experts say that 2018 will be a great year for the colour as more and more Auckland homes will be painted black. The colour once thought to be dark black spaces is now appealing to more homeowners as sleek and sexy. Black can be used on virtually every surface from walls to floors, to accent pieces to create a modern and striking space.

  • Blue-green (bottle green) This is a mix of blue and green colours. The quiet blue-green trend is trending in Auckland as more and more homeowners are getting this calming colours for their walls. It is mellow enough for a bedroom, but neutral enough for other rooms in the house. It looks great with white, taupe, grey, and brown kitchen cabinets as it helps to accentuate their colours. It sets a calm, sophisticated vibe wherever it is used.
  • Feminine Hues Feminine shades like blush pink and rose gold are making a great comeback in 2018. This Auckland home painting trend lights up any room it is painted with and gives the house an airy feel of brightness and sophistication. Dusty rose and lavender shades are now used instead neutral colours in bedrooms and living areas. These colours can be accented with bolder or darker colours to give a uniquely chic look.
  • Berries Auckland homeowners are leaning towards these dark shades of red. Home painting trends in Auckland are seeing these Bold, rich colours that look like red wine, cherries, grapes, etc. The deeper shades are used to paint full rooms, while the lighter shades like raspberries are used as light accents for rooms in the house.The above-mentioned home painting colour trends are the must-have on the wall of your Auckland home in 2018. You can employ the services of a professional painter if you cannot seem to decide on which colour to go for.

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