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4 Tips on Painting the Exterior of your home

If you have a home in Auckland and are looking to change its exterior appearance, then changing the colour is a great place to start. Unfortunately, for most people, picking the right house colour isn't easy!

The right colours will highlight the most beautiful features of your home and hide the least. You can disguise certain design flaws just by using the right paint in the right way and in doing so, increase the street appeal and potentially the value of the property. 

The list below are tips on how to choose the right paint colours for your exterior home painting in Auckland:

Consider the Surroundings

Before picking paint colours, things to consider include the geographic area and climate in which the house is located, and what the neighbourhood looks like. You can paint your home exterior brighter colour if you live in the tropics or close to a beach. However, such colours will greatly contrast with your neighbourhood if you live in the mountains or inland.

Beautiful Auckland homes you will come across often have colours from the surroundings, themselves. You should also consider the homeowners association or bylaws of your neighbourhood if they have any. These association might have specific colours that are allowed which will reduce your choices and make picking a colour scheme easier. You should check before painting to avoid having to repaint.

Use colour schemes for great blends

Every exterior scheme has three major parts: field colour or major colour; accent colour for doors, shutters and other smaller areas; and trim colour for edging, railings, window and door casings, roof etc. when choosing paints, make sure the trim colour strongly contrasts with the field colour.

If your main colour is light, consider darker trim for your accent colour and vice versa. This contrast will create a stunning look for your home.

Consider your home style

Of course, when choosing the paint colour for your home, you have to consider much more than just the main colours on the walls. Some colours are already established and are hard to change. Like the colour of your roof, brick walls, Vinyl windows,wooden garage door etc.

Your paint choice doesn't have to match everything, but it should harmonize. Focus on these details. Depending on the size and complexity of your home, you may want to choose up to as many as six colours to include accents for shutters, mouldings, doors, window sashes, brackets, columns, porch decks and the largest detail on most houses, the garage door.

Use testers

Almost all paint brands have testers of their paint colours. You can buy different testers and paint different sections of the wall. You can leave it for a couple of days to see which one grows on you. Avoid painting next to a white wall because white tends to throw the other colours off.

Buying testers will save you lots of money in case you decide you didn’t like a particular colour and you can use the leftovers from the tester to paint other small areas that needs painting in the house.

Follow the tips listed above for your exterior home painting in Auckland and watch your house become the envy of the neighbours.


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