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How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Exterior of a House in Auckland

Exterior Painting Cost Factors – Auckland Homes

When determining the cost of painting a house, NZ – Auckland homes, you’ll want to include the cost of materials such as paint, supplies, and other items you might want to cover with paint in addition to the siding.

If you know how much these elements cost, you’ll have a good general idea on how much you can allocate to your Auckland home renovation budget. Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re talking to the professional painters in NZ:

The cost of paint

Here at Superior Painters, we care about our needs, providing you quality workmanship, and reliable service. That is why we always recommend using the highest quality exterior home paint you can afford. Not only will it look the best, but it will also be beneficial in the long term and save you more money by offering longevity and durability.

Better coverage also means fewer applications of coats, hence fewer hours for your house painter which can significantly decrease the cost of painting a house, NZ – Auckland homes. For most professional house painters north shore auckland – they all know It’s also important that your paint offers better durability since you won’t have to spend money to repaint your exterior in just a couple of years.

So how do you know how much paint you’re paying for? Here’s some helpful math:

A 200 square metre home will take about 45 litres of paint (high-quality paint covers about 32 square metres in two coats). Always double the number you’ll need because it takes two layers of the coat to finish the home exterior painting project – this doesn’t include the undercoat.

Painting additional features

It is highly recommended to consider any other additional features you’d like to have painted. Those features might include doors, trips, porches and window sashes. Check the cost of painting these items with your professional painters before signing on a contract.

If you decide to paint additional features around your home, some professionals might include them as part of a package. Others will charge for them separately. Check with potential professionals on these items before settling on a contract. Costs will likely fall in the following ranges:

Door Painting Costs




Gutters & downspouts






Window sashes



Prepping your home for paint

Proper home exterior preparation makes all the difference in creating a beautiful and lasting finish. Depending on the project’s scope, the total amount of prep needed might affect the cost of painting a house, NZ – Auckland homes. Sure, delegating the prep work to your painters might add to the total time and cost, but it’s worth doing the job right the first time. Allocating proper resources to prepping your house for paint will turn out beneficial in the long run as you won’t spend more money on maintenance and repairs.

Here are some steps that your professional painter will take to ensure smooth paint application:

  1. Power washing your Auckland home exterior to get rid of any dust or
  2. Repairing any loose or broken fascia, trims and siding
  3. Removing old and chipped paint to prepare the surface for paint
  4. Filling the holes and dents to ensure a smooth surface area
  5. Applying the first coat of paint!


Exterior House Painting Cost Per Square Metre

It’ll cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per square metre to hire a painter for the exterior of your home. However, this doesn’t include the cost of scaffolding and repair work. If you’re trying to find renovation costs nz per square metre instead then check out the article on Superior Renovations website https://superiorrenovations.co.nz/how-much-does-it-cost-to-renovate-in-auckland-for-2019/ 

Your location, the condition of your exterior and ease of access all play significant roles in project pricing.


Exterior Home Painting Costs per Square Metre

Total Paintable Area Per Square Metre*

Average Total Cost


* does not reflect home’s total square metre.


Have you tried our Exterior Painting Cost Calculator?

Due to popular requests for ball park figures, which is a fair request for those who are considering painting or are just researching – we’ve put together a exterior painting cost calculator (built in-house) to help.

Cost to Paint a 2-Story House Exterior

A two-story home can cost as much as 40 percent more to paint than a one-story home. The harder it is to reach an area; the more time spent adjusting scaffolding and ladders. More time spent on a job equals higher costs.

Average Cost To Paint An Exterior

Home Size

Square Metre (Estimated)

Total Cost Range

Single story100-150$4,000-$ 6,000
Two story150-250$10,000-$16,500
Three story250-300$18750-$22,500+


We hope that you found this article helpful! Feel free to contact us for a personal and accurate quote.

Get In Touch, Free Color Consultation. Are you looking get an estimate for your painting needs? Need help choosing your paint colours or putting together a complete exterior or interior look for your property? Then request a visit from a Superior Painter Colour Consultant.

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Get In Touch, Free Color Consultation. Are you looking get an estimate for your painting needs? Need help choosing your paint colours or putting together a complete exterior or interior look for your property? Then request a visit from a Superior Painter Colour Consultant.

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