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Painters in Auckland can work wonders for your home. A little bit of paint can go a far way towards making your home feel new again. It can also increase the value of your home. Painting your home however is not as simple as you might think.

Getting the right type of professional estimates or quotes is very important.

A painting estimate isn’t just a sheet of paper with a price listed on it. Painting estimates have multiple stages and factors that you need to look for. Today we are going to take a look at the things you want from commercial painters in Auckland and in fact any other painters in Auckland when it comes to an estimate.


Exterior-Corner-After-1000 8 Things Your Painting Quote Should and Must Include

Items that should appear on your estimate

The estimate you get from painters Auckland should come on official letterhead. Letterhead don’t just make the estimate look official, it also gives you a backing that it comes from a proper accredited  company. Anyone can write an estimate down on a plain piece of paper but can they legally back it up?

Estimates should list everything that is involved in painting in the painting process. This should include basics of the quote such as the property address, size, and the paint to be used. After that, it should have a break down of the cost of painting the home in all its stages.  This includes the hourly cost of having painters at your home, preparation work like plastering and GIB. With all of this well documented you will have a good idea of what each stage will cost. It also allows you to compare costs easily among other commercial painters Auckland.

We cannot emphasis enough the importance of having your estimate being as details as possible. This is to avoid any unforeseen surprises in prices during or after competition of your project.  This will also keep the company from cutting any corners during the important stages of painting your home. Your estimate should include prices for the following stages:

1. Preparation Work

Houses aren’t ready to be painted right away. A good amount of prep work goes into painting any home in Auckland. The most common step for prep work for painting is cleaning the wall.

Prep work also includes removal of old paint, priming the surface, and any specialised work that your home may need. It also includes plastering the walls to make it even and filling in any holes in the walls from nails and hooks.

2. Measurements

We already briefly mentioned that measurements of your home need to be included on the estimate. The measurements of your home play a big role in the estimate you are given. Since most painters in Auckland charge you per square meter, the measurements help to show where the quote came from and spot any issues before you agree to work with the painters.

Each area that is being painted should be broken down when it comes to measurements on the estimate. Exterior and interior walls should be listed with the measurements that the company took. It should also be labeled where each wall is to prevent confusion in large projects.

3. Materials Costs

The paint isn’t the only material that residential painters use. They will use paintbrushes, plastic tarps, and other tubes. A good estimate for the cost of the materials that they will use should be included on your estimate. Not only that, the estimate should give you an idea of the materials to be used so that you know when you might be overcharged.

4. Payment Requirements

Some companies allow you to have payment plans set up so that you can pay for the cost of painting your house over time. Most companies though require payment upfront or right upon your work being finished. An estimate should always spell out how they expect you to pay for your painting project and the timeline for it.

All of the labor required to paint your home should be on the estimate with an estimated number of hours that the project requires.

5. Final Walk Through

No one gets a job 100% right on the first go around. There may be areas left behind where touch up work is necessary. If a spot is missed, then you deserve to have the work completed. This is why professional painting companies always perform a final walk through of the interior and/or exterior of your home to make sure every last detail has been covered. In most cases this is included in the invoice/bill as it is a proof that you are paying for what you expect to receive.

6. Estimated Completion Time

Most painting projects are completed in a short span of time. That being said, giving an estimate on the on the competition date is essential. This will let you know how long the project is going to go on and where they get the hourly cost from. A good completion time will also help out if you are having multiple projects done at the same time. Knowing your timeline well will let you organise your life whether you are staying the house or putting your home up in the market.


Exterior-painting-after-1000 8 Things Your Painting Quote Should and Must Include


7. Guarantee

Not every painting company has a guarantee. Before you start work you need to know whether the skill of the painters is guaranteed. If someone makes a mistake during the process you should have an idea of whether or not you are going to get help fixing the mistakes or accidents. If the company has no guarantee then that should also be clearly spelled out in the estimate that you receive.

8. A Validity date

An estimate is not good forever. In fact, estimates aren’t good for too long. Depending on the company you go to you might have anywhere from a few weeks to decide to a few months. Make sure that there is a date listed on the estimate for how long it is valid. This will help you to have grounds when you go back to talk to a company so prices aren’t raised.

Something to keep in mind is that an estimate isn’t foolproof. Life happens. Most painters in Auckland will do their best to work with you in order to finish on time and get the project done right but no one is perfect. What you should be looking at is finding a company that not just promises perfection but a company that guarantees that they will fix any mistakes if need be. A company that will support you and not just use you and your project as a transaction.


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