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Easy tips on choosing the right colour for your Kitchen

It can be very daunting to select the right colour for your interiors. Kitchen especially can be a tricky room to paint. Does it have to match the rest of the house? Will a warm colour make it look closed in and small or should you choose a more neutral colour so you can play around with colours of your counters and cabinets?

Do not let all these questions overwhelm you as there is no wrong way to paint your kitchen. As long as you love it then that is all that matters. Our experts at Superior Painters have however put together a list of tips that can help you when you think about painting your kitchen. 

Variations of White

Lets start with the standard interior painting colour; White.  White is clean and exactly what you need in your kitchen. The best thing about white is that it will make your kitchen look classy.  In case you want to create an appealing look, select a darker shade for the walls and paint the cabinets white. White also gives you a lot of room to make other areas of your room colourful such as the cabinets, counters and floors.


Rather than stark unadulterated white, warm up your kitchen with an exemplary cream. Cream is welcoming and mitigating. It can work with any style of kitchen from customary to contemporary as it is an evergreen colour which never goes out of style. Cream can work with any highlight shading — from cornflower blue to mint green to profound dark colored.

Gray is the best

Gray is rapidly gaining popularity when it comes to kitchen’s interior painting Auckland services. It regularly gets sorted as being excessively frosty, yet with the correct shade, it can work wonders in a kitchen. The best part is that it combines flawlessly with a wide variety of different hues and works well in all kinds of lighting.  Grey can also work well as a ledge or bureau shading.


Blue is another shade that functions admirably in kitchens.

  • Light tones of blue, make the kitchen look fresh, and give a clean look which is well suited for dividers, cupboards, or even the roof.
  • Blue is exudes peace and calm when used sparingly. Darker tones used to paint the kitchen in its entirety can overwhelm the room.
  • Dull blues work nicely in the kitchen if complemented with white and cream tones.
594557R Easy tips on choosing the right colour for your Kitchen
Kitchen Painted by Superior Painters in Greenhithe


Red should be ideally used in large kitchens as it can make a room look smaller. If you do however have a small kitchen and want to add red to the walls, then our advice to you would be to paint only one wall red. The rest of your kitchen should be painted in a lighter colour such as white, beige or cream.


A yellow coloured room can brighten up a kitchen and make it look fresh and clean. Yellow also has an alleviating quality and makes people naturally happy to be surrounded by the colour.  It is also a great colour for smaller kitchens as it makes the room look bigger.


Green has been voted as a very stylish and chic colour of the year. Add various shades of green to your kitchen coupled with wood accents to give it a clean outdoor feel.


Orange is one of the regularly ignored hues with regards to kitchens. A warm shade of pumpkin however, might be exactly what your kitchen needs. Dull orange coupled with  dull wood cabinetry can make your kitchen look contemporary and rustic.

Chocolate Brown

On the off chance that you have light or white cabinetry and floors, add some glow to the kitchen with some rich chocolate dark colored walls. Dull tans are modern yet unwinding. When you add profound tans to any room, make sure to incorporate a few sprinkles of yellow and green shading.

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