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Interior & Exterior House Painting Costs Explained by Superior Painters

A fresh coat of paint for your house can work wonders. Paint can raise the value of your home or simply make you appreciate the appearance more. No matter why you want to paint your house, the first question that comes to your mind is likely what is the cost to paint a home? Your first reaction is probably to ask a local painter for house painting cost in NZ.  That shouldn’t be your first step though.

Asking local painters for quotes on house painting prices will get you a wide variety of costs. Companies will quote everything from very low to extremely high. Accepting a low quote is tempting but that can be dangerous.

Painting quotes vary because the services vary. Quality varies too. Let’s take a look at some important things to consider to understand the cost of painting a house.

First, Some Considerations

One of the factors that will go into determining the house painting prices is the paint. Deciding on the paint beforehand will also help you to ensure you don’t delay your painting and raise the costs. When picking the paint there are two major considerations: what kind of finish will you use and what colours do you want?

Another consideration is the detailing. Having detailing in your house can cost you extra money. On the other hand, if you skip the detailing such as windows and doors, your new paint will make the old paint look bad.

Interior House Painting Prices

Painting the inside of your home can vary a lot. It is important to understand these costs separate from painting the outside of your home. We will take a look at the cost of painting your home.

Where You Want To Paint

One of the biggest determinations in cost is where in your house you want to paint. Are you going to paint every room? Are different rooms going to be different colours? The more you paint on the interior, the more the cost is going to go up. Painting different rooms different colours might also raise the cost.

Prep Work

Depending on the home that the painters are working on there might be different levels of prep work required. At the very least expect a couple hours of prep work to put down protection for the ground, clean the walls, and to put down painters tape in areas that need more detail. This is just some of the work that may need to be done. Superior Painters has multiple teams of painters throughout Auckland, so we understand the differences in climate and humidity – even though our team of painters are mainly North Shore based, we travel Auckland-wide.

Before you can paint some walls you may need to prime them which adds additional time and resources. Walls with previous finish do not always need to be primed but greasy paint or gloss does better with paint.

Room Features

The features of a room will also go toward raising the cost. Working around windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, and other permanent objects in a room takes more time. While it doesn’t require more paint, you will end up paying more per hour. When using multiple colours in the same room this can also add additional time as the painters have to work carefully in connecting sections.

Tall ceilings will also require a painter to do more work as they may have to move a ladder around. For really high ceilings, such as in grand entrances, they may need to erect scaffolding or use a powered lift. This requires more time and also raises the cost to paint a home.

Detailing and Design Work

Sometimes you may want to have more than just a regular coat of paint. One example of this is when you want to have sponging done on the paint for a decorative wall. Because this requires more work, more time, and more paint it raises the house painting cost NZ.

Another area where you might want detailing is on the ceiling. If you have a very low ceiling you may want to add a gloss coat or a glossier paint to the ceiling. The shiny effect of the gloss will make the ceiling feel higher.

The Actual Cost

It is hard to give an exact cost for painting a house in NZ. This is because every house is different and rooms that may have the same square meters can have different features. On average you will be paying between $35and $55 per square meter for painting the interior depending on the company and the project. A very extensive and detailed project may cost even more.

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Remember to add in the hourly cost of the painters. Hourly rates for painters can be between $35 and $45 per hour depending on the company and the project.

Exterior House Painting Prices

Every job is different but it is important to separate the jobs based on interior and exterior painting. First we will talk about the exterior house painting costs in NZ. In general you can use this section to get the cost of painting the outside of your home.

The Material Of Your House

What your house is made out of will affect house painting cost NZ. For example, a wood exterior has a lower price on average per square foot. However, the range that a brick house can span is much smaller. On average you will pay anywhere between $12 and $60 to paint a wood house while a brick house may cost between $15 and $45.

Weatherboard prices vary but typically they are around the same price as timber.

The Prep Work

Prepwork can vary greatly when painting a house. Some houses may need only the most basic of preparation, a simple washing of the surface. A simple wash isn’t going to cost that much. That being said, on older, flaking paint jobs the paint contractors may need to remove the existing paint before they can get to work. In general, this is more of a problem with wood houses and wood detailing.

Brick walls for the most part are fast to prep and only require a wash.

The Paint

The paint that you choose to use for your house painting will play a big role in the cost to painting a home. Cheaper paint won’t cost you too much but it will be detremental in the long run as it will reduce the longetivety of your paint.  Your average paint price is $14 per litre of paint.

The Size Of Your Home

The larger your home, the more it will cost to paint. Typically your paint will be charged in a per square metre price. Not only will the cost per square metre for paint go up, the cost of the painters hourly goes up with the size. An average starting rate for painters is $35 per hour and that can go all the way up to $45 an hour.

Something to keep in mind is the more complex your job is, the more it is going to cost.

Be prepared for you paint job to take more than a week.  This is because the process includes preparing the exterior surfaces, fixing any damages, applying the undercoat, the paint and the final clean up.

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Now that you have a good idea of the cost to paint a home, you will be informed when you go to get quotes for house painting cost NZ. Before you begin any project on your home it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes. This will help you to have an even better understanding of house painting prices and the detail that is needed for your home.

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