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Painting Tips for your Kitchen by Expert Painters in North Shore

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to give your kitchen a new look. However, painting the kitchen is not as easy as it seems. Painting a kitchen will need a lot of preparation and planning. Remember that if you are planning to sell your house the first thing your customers will notice is your kitchen. So it is important that your kitchen has the best look. Here are some amazing tips from expert painters in Northshore that will help you give your kitchen a new look.

Pick the trendy paint colors for kitchen

Selecting the right colors for the kitchen is not very simple. Do not make the mistake of selecting colors like blue, purple or pink to paint the entire kitchen as they can close up a room and make it look dull. As the kitchen is related to food and appetite so it is better that you select light yellow, orange, as they give the kitchen a clean and fresh feel.

Finish of the Paint

Assure that you pay special attention to the finish of the paint that that you use for your kitchen. The finish is important especially for the kitchen due to the fumes and oils released while cooking. We recommend to use a glossy finish and oil based paints for your kitchen as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Have all the painting tools

Painting might appear to be a simple task but that is far from reality. Painting requires a sound knowledge of types of paints, coats, undercoats, plastering etc. The right tools to carry out these tasks are as important as the task itself. Check with your contractor whether they have the right tools to carry out the task. If you are doing the painting yourself then ask advice at the store for the types of tools required.

DIY vs professionals

  1. Painting the kitchen is an easy task because there are more cabinets and shelves, which means less surface area
  2. The strokes of the paint have to be perfect and you have to apply the right number of coats and under coat to get the perfect finish.
  3. Painting the house, yourself will need more time and paint because you will make mistakes which means that the entire process will become costly.


Always take protective measures

Whether you are painting your kitchen yourself or you have hired the painters it is important that you wear a mask during the process. The reason is that there are certain fumes in the paint that can get into your body and they can be dangerous.

Clean the surface before you paint

Once you have everything planned it is important that you start with cleaning the surface that you have to paint. It is advisable however to leave the cleaning to professionals. Cleaning a surface prior to painting does not mean taking warm soapy water and scrubbing the surface. Prior to cleaning professionals use sandpaper and plastering in order to get rid of any debris and dirt on the walls. Hence hire a professional unless you are a plasterer yourself.

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