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Prioritise Rooms for Painting when Painting your Interiors

Prioritise Rooms for Painting

Regardless of whether you like it or not, as a homeowner, painting your home is definitely a must to either spruce things up or when you are selling it. Interior Home Painting in Auckland can become tedious if done all at once! One thing that can cause stress is if you are not adequately prepared for  painting several rooms in your home’s interior all at once.

That’s why you need to have a checklist where you can prioritize rooms for painting to make the job easier. Superior Painters has put together a checklist which you can use to prioritise the rooms for Interior home painting in Auckland.

pexels-photo-271624 Prioritise Rooms for Painting when Painting your Interiors
Make Bedrooms a priority when it comes to painting your interiors 

1. Bedroom and Bathroom

When choosing which rooms to prioritise for painting when intending to paint your home’s interior, it is no doubt that these two rooms should always come first. By painting these rooms first, you would have given yourself the advantage of getting them out of the way sooner which will give you the added benefit of having to focus on the other rooms without having to go through a lot of hassle. Apart from all the above, painting your Bed and Bath first will help ensure that you will always have a place to stay and sleep when you resume with your painting process and you can easily shut off the smell from the other rooms when you move on to them. If you want your home to look exquisite through making use of interior home painting, then starting with these two rooms will get you five steps ahead.

bathroom-renovation-2 Prioritise Rooms for Painting when Painting your Interiors
Bathroom Painted in Albany by Superior Painters

2. The Kitchen

One thing you have to understand is that paint and food will never at any point mix regardless of the situation. That’s why you should move on to paint your kitchen soon after you are done with the bedroom and bathroom to ensure that your food won’t go bad because of the paint. One other thing you need to seriously consider is eating outside or ordering your food temporarily until all the painting work for your kitchen is done and complete.

kitchen Prioritise Rooms for Painting when Painting your Interiors
Kitchen Painted by Superior Painters – Greenhithe

3. The Living Room

This is definitely one of the most important and undoubtedly the largest room in your home. Painting the living room is no small task as it will require the movement of a lot of furniture. Nevertheless, the job will be easier if you started with the rooms listed above as you will have a place you can temporarily stay while work is being done on your living room. Nevertheless, if you hire an efficient company to do the interior painting job for you, chances are, you will be able to move your furniture back in in no time.

I’m sure the tips above will make the job of painting your home’s interior much easier for you.

581705M Prioritise Rooms for Painting when Painting your Interiors
Living Room painted by Superior Painters

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