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Spray Paint or Use a brush? 6 Reasons to use a brush for your exteriors

If you’re thinking of doing some exterior painting in Auckland this season why not try doing it by hand, on your own or with a friend or family member instead of hiring a contractor. Painting the exterior of your Auckland property with a brush by hand may seem like a crazy idea but I assure you the pros outweigh the cons.

Exterior Painting in Auckland weather is possible if you follow our simple steps below. 

Saves paint – Saves money

Exterior painting in Auckland can be quite expensive. If you’re looking to keep costs down, painting with a brush helps reduce the amount of paint you end up using. Using a brush is precise and may take longer but you won’t lose as much paint as you would be spraying the exterior of your house.

No lengthy set up

It’s easier to stop and start whenever you want, no big equipment to set up or take down each time, you can do it whenever you want as you only rely on yourself. Using spray might be quicker to cover the area with paint but takes longer to set up and must be done for a long period of time to make it worthwhile. If you’re using water-soluble latex paint and have access to water then it takes just a couple of minutes and you’re good to go.

No more masking!

Of course, if you want to you can mask around the edges to be extra safe, but if your hand is steady, you can start without taking all the prep time masking that you would have to do if you were spray painting. Simply lay a cloth of canvas on the ground below where you’re working, and you’ll be fine.

Allows you to notice problems

Getting up close and spending time focusing on the details on the exterior your house when using a brush lets you see all the flaws you may have missed when patching or sealing or doing other jobs around the exterior. You’d be surprised by how much you wouldn’t notice when spraying from further away. Using a brush makes tackling these problem areas a lot easier as paint sprayers are not as handy when dealing with all the cracks and knots when painting your exterior Auckland home.

Requires less maintenance

No matter how simple and easy-to-use you think the paint sprayer looks, it will require a professional level of maintenance to keep it clean. If you aren’t dedicated to cleaning the nozzle and the inner parts of the machine, then it will most likely be damaged to a point of no repair and you’ll have to buy a new one or hire a professional next time around. When painting your exterior, you want to save as much money as possible because it’s such a large area to cover. Brushes are the best way to save money, and even though it may take longer, you’ll save the time you would waste attending to all the problems caused by a sprayer.

exterior-painting-small Spray Paint or Use a brush? 6 Reasons to use a brush for your exteriors
Painting done by Superior Painters using a brush

It’s simply more gratifying

If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending the hot summer days in Auckland, with a pair of old jeans, and taking time and to accomplish something by hand then there’s no better sense of gratification than painting your exterior by hand. It not only brings with it all the benefits mentioned above but it signifies a return to traditional labour and nothing is more gratifying than that.

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