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What Many Painting Contractors Won’t Tell You

If you are a homeowner that is ready to put a fresh paint on his walls you must have a lot of questions. You have probably asked yourself what colour to choose? What type of painting materials are best for your walls?

However, there is a lot more that you should be asking. For example most of the painting contractors won’t tell you that interior and exterior paints are not interchangeable. 

Interchangeable Exterior And Interior Paints: Can They Be Used (Anywhere)?

Many people are not sure whether an interior paint can be used as an exterior one or vice versa.

Even though this idea seems cost-effective and paints seem very similar, there are definitely some chemical differences.

First of all, the applications of paint on different surfaces is not always the same. A paint can vary in its appearance and finish. Different paints are used by different painting contractors for different walls and applications.

On top of this, the choice of resin is also important in terms of make-up. Many painting contractors nowadays use softer resin which is usually found in exterior paints and is suitable because it can give paint the appearance of looking healthy – even if the surface underneath is contracting and expanding. Also, resin will make it less likely for the paint to chip, peel or fade away.

What is the verdict? – NO

Simply put, interior and exterior paints cannot be interchangeable. There are different exterior and interior paints for a reason.

Many painting contractors know this in detail, mostly because both of the paints are made differently – to be able to withstand more (exterior) or to look clean and spotless for certain types of walls (interior). Generally, exterior paint scuffs and gets scratched easily and releases more VOcs (which are toxic compounds) into the air.

To sum it up, exterior paints should not be used inside as they are not designed for interior use and can cause respiratory problems in people (and pets). The higher volume of acrylics in them could also cause odors. Similarly, interior environments pose their own set of challenges that interior paints are better designed and equipped to deal with – not to mention the fact that interior paints offer numerous practical advantages to home decorators.

Therefore, the best case scenario is to use separate paint for your interior and exterior walls – or hire professional painting contractors and make most of your painting job – both inside and outside of your home.


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